Andreas Ross (Rossy)


About Andreas (Rossy) Ross:
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Andreas (Rossy) Ross grew up in Germany and the USA and immigrated to New Zealand in 2006. He has worked in the tree care industry for over 20 years. Rossy is a qualified forester, master arborist by trade, and industrial abseiler with a passion for his work. Rossy founded the company Pro Climb Limited that offers arborist safety training, PPE inspection and tree climbing services to the arboricultural industry in 2009. He is a member of the NZ Arb education & training and conference committees. He is a regular volunteer at regional, national and international tree climbing events.




THURSDAY 3rd NOVEMBER, 1.45 - 2.30 pm
"Value of Trees in Urban Community"
FRIDAY 4th NOVEMBER, 9.00 - 10.00am
"Work safe and smart on the pole"

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Encouraging, fostering, improving and educating in all aspects of arboriculture throughout New Zealand.