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About Bryan Gould

Bryan is the Training and Development Manager for Treescape Australasia, based in Brisbane, Queensland – a position he has held for almost three years, after leaving Auckland following two decades of working in New Zealand.  Bryan was formerly the senior tutor with Thoughtplanters, facilitating the Telford Diploma in Arboriculture and NZQA arboriculture and horticulture unit standards.  Prior to his transition into education Bryan spent more than twentyyears managing local government public trees and landscapes in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, after more than a decade of climbing for commercial firms, public trusts and government agencies.
Bryan is primarily responsible for managing the delivery of Australian national qualifications plus in-house competency training and assessment for Treescape Australia’s expanding workforce.  The company’s competency and certificate training is undertaken in joint partnership with Thoughtplanters Australia.  Bryan is actively involved in resource development and training delivery.  Additionally, he manages tree and landscape conservation or development consultancy projects and acts as an advisor in complex urban tree management schemes.
Treescape Australasia services several large-scale powerline clearance and urban tree care contracts throughout


Brisbane and Queensland, with operations in New South Wales and Canberra (ACT), requiring mandatory compliance with a broad range of arboricultural, environmental and electrical standards plus federal, state and local laws.  Treescape Australasia is currently the main Tier 1 arboriculture service provider for Brisbane City Council (Australia’s largest local authority) and is set to expand into other territorial areas.
Bryan’s public/private tree management and education/training sector experience has enabled him to proactively collaborate with professionals from varying disciplines.  He has presented and discussed tree management topics to arboriculture and landscape professional at seminars and conferences in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Singapore.
Bryan is a Life Member (and past President) of the New Zealand Arboricultural Association.  He previously chaired the New Zealand Gardens Trust and was a founding (now ex) trustee of the New Zealand Notable Trees Trust.  Over the past thirty years he served on various boards for significant Australian and New Zealand arboreta, gardens and parks management organisations and greatly values the connections he has within those networks.  Unsurprisingly perhaps, he is an advocate for trees.  Bryan was recently appointed as a Director of Arboriculture Australia.

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"A Casual Comparison of Araucariaceae in Queensland and New Zealand – Some Observations of Bio-geo-physical Similarities Considering a Common Gondwanan Ancestry"

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