Dale Thomas

Kiwi Klimbers, NZ

About Dale Thomas

Dale Thomas-601Dale Thomas 32 years of age. Working in arboriculture as a Climber, Manufacturer of Equipment, Trainer / Assessor and Business Developer for half my life. 
Current NZ climbing champion. Retired from competition climbing to dedicate more time to family, business and extra curricular activities ( surfing ).
Will still have an involvement in the NZ arb community. This year that is by making a presentation to educate employers or managerial staff about S R T single line technique. 



Practitioners Stream - YESRT 

Your level 3 arborist with 2 years experience comes to you and says " hey boss, I need some gear, can you buy me a unisender? I'm going to start climbing SRT because I have seen it on you tube."    Your immediate response is "No! You are going to climb on a conventional system, that SRT stuff is dangerous."  

What have you based your presumption on? Do you know enough about SRT to write it off as a fad or dangerous? 
This open forum is designed to educate the employer so they can make smart decisions about SRT in their workplace. What is all the fuss about? How can SRT benefit me as an employer? What SRT friction management systems are acceptable in NZ? How do I gauge if my climber is ready to start safely experimenting with SRT? Is there a competency course I can send them to?  These are the questions we hope to answer. 
Our goal is a mutual understanding and better educated industry. 
Encouraging, fostering, improving and educating in all aspects of arboriculture throughout New Zealand.