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GeoTree Ltd, NZ

About Gerald Collett

Collett-43Gerald has worked with trees since the early 1980s; trees and the people who like them, who ‘love them but . . .’  and who love them even less.

Thirty-plus years ago – a university summer break low pruning NZ radiata pine in the Esk forest, tenting along the Mohaka River, VW beetle for transport, kayaks on the roof, kayaks in the water; hot work, hard work, eat, sleep, swim, paddle, prune, paid per tree.  A degree in mathematics and another foreign language.

Ventured to Aussie with girlfriend in the early 1980s for the kiwi OE; ended up a tree lopping contractor free climbing eucalypts, wattles, sheoaks . . . more radiata pine.  Possums and koala, yep, that’s how he climbed . . . and the possums over there not even a pest; crazy.

Mid 1980s set up Tree Wise Men in Melbourne with a fellow kiwi; ‘trees lopped, topped and felled’.  Married girlfriend; yay.  Early 1990s sold TWM to his right hand man (still running today) and back to NZ for family and children; four children, the youngest now in her final year at school.  Runs his own consultancy business in Auckland.

Late 1990s Diploma in Arb with a bit of noise. 
Invited speaker at the 2005 NZ Arb Conference – endless photos of pohutukawa hanging around cliffs and poking their roots in other people’s business.  Also a talk about the challenges of successfully managing site development around trees; the concept of ‘works arborists’ and ‘appointed arborists’ (heaven help us) – arbitrists, abortists, and an occasional abortionist.  Presentations at engineering workshops/seminars – trees, cliffs and rootzones . . . peculiar trees with roots nowhere near the trunk.

NZ Arb Conference 2010 – Ailing trees – what’s wrong?
Late 2015 on the tailcoats of a prodigious effort by NZ Arb members Adrian Lamont and Brad Cadwallader, Gerald represented the NZ Arb on a submission to the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.
Norfolk Island pines a ten-year obsession for Gerald; a complete nut job.  He fears the white coats circling are more than lab technicians . . .

Indicator trees they are – Norfolk pines that is.
But he’s not going to talk about Norfolk pines this year, 2016, well not much, maybe, just an indication; just about . .

Chemical labeling – getting the drift.
Gerald says this is something he knows little about; indeed there’s so much he doesn’t know, his presentation may take quite some time . . . his co-speaker Paul Kenny will assist.  There’ll be photos, of course.
And labels.  Of course.
Read the label and directions of use.  Simple . . . or is it?

Joint Presentation

"Herbicide damage to trees – getting the drift"

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Encouraging, fostering, improving and educating in all aspects of arboriculture throughout New Zealand.