Helen Lowe

Coordinator for Christchurch Civic Trust & Others, proposed Christchurch Replacement District Plan, NZ

About Helen Lowe


Helen Lowe worked in the planning and resource management field for eighteen years. Her employment record includes local and regional government as well as private consultancy, and her last role was Regional Planning Manager for the Canterbury/West Coast region of (the then) Transit NZ. Helen's experience includes policy development and resource consent work, environmental and social impact assessment, heritage management, iwi liaison, and major infrastructure projects. She left planning to focus on a second career as a novelist, with four books currently published internationally. She has, very reluctantly, been drawn back into planning as a result of the Christchurch Replacement District Plan process in respect of significant and exceptional trees. She will share lessons learned from endeavoring to negotiate this (to date) unique process and thoughts on what the future may hold for all those concerned with managing and retaining New Zealand's legacy trees and their natural and cultural heritage values. 



“Arboriculture and Planning: Negotiating the Christchurch Replacement Plan Experience"

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