Mike Wilcox

About Mike Wilcox
Mike Wilcox, RESIZED,CROPPEDMike Wilcox is a retired forestry consultant and scientist. He is considerably involved in Auckland’s botany, including being an Honorary Research Associate at the Auckland Museum, and a member of the Auckland Botanical Society, Friends of the Auckland Botanic Gardens, International Dendrology Society, Forest & Bird, Auckland Tree Council, and New Zealand Institute of Forestry. He also serves as a tree guide at Cornwall Park.

His book, “Auckland’s remarkable urban forest” published in 2012 gave an overview of the city’s treescape, including heritage trees, and he has done more detailed assessments of the tree flora in many of Auckland’s parks and campuses, including the Domain, Cornwall Park/One Tree Hill, Monte Cecilia, and Unitec, and also of Rangitoto Island. He recently compiled a full record of the plants in West Lynn Garden, New Lynn and an account of the native and naturalised plants in the Ahipara-Kaitaia area in Northland.  Not content with forests of the land, he has also undertaken a survey of the flora Auckland’s forests of the sea – the seaweeds.

Mike has a BSc in Botany from Auckland University, an MA in Forestry from Oxford University, and a PhD from North Carolina State University where he did research on the genetics of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda), leading to a career in quantitative genetic research and plant breeding of forest trees at the Forest Research Institute  (now Scion) in Rotorua.  In his international consulting work, Mike undertook numerous assignments in China, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Fiji, Samoa, Vietnam, Laos, Spain, Turkey, Australia and South Africa, specialising in forestry plantations.



Tane Mahuta Lecture: “Valuable trees from home and abroad”. This lecture will concentrate on some trees that Mike Wilcox has worked with one way or another during his time in forestry, including urban forestry. Several of the trees to be mentioned have helped shape New Zealand and others have featured in Mike’s overseas work.
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