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NEXT EVENTWellington Regional– 11th March, Palmerston North - click here for details

Many thanks to major sponsor Husqvarna.


Thanks also to our individual event sponsors Kask, Donaghys, AB Equipment, Silky and Metrogreen, as well as support sponsors Treetech, Thoughtplanters and Treetools.

The regional dates and locations for the upcoming 2017 TCCs are as follows:

  • South Island Region TCC – TBC
  • Enquiries to: TBC
  • Waikato-BoP Region TCC – TBC
  • Enquiries to: TBC
  • Wellington Region TCC – 11th March, "The Square" Palmerston North. Gear check Friday 10th.
  • Enquiries to: Craig deDenus
  • Auckland Region TCC – TBC
  • Enquiries to: TBC
  • National TCC – 28th - 29th October, Tauranga
  • Enquiries to: David James


2016 Regional TCC Registration Flyer

To Register or for more information, a flyer on Regional Tree Climbing Events and the National Tree Climbing Championship can be found here…

Fill in online electronic form


Payment for competition entry to the Regional TCC will be made by way of NZ Arb invoicing the competitor or competitor’s company for the required entry fee.

Online registration closes at 11.00am on the Friday before the event. Registration on the day (where space is available) is cash only.

Entry Fees are:
• $30 for 1 event
• $40 for up to 4 events
• $60 non-member per event
• Includes One t-shirt

Competitors’ start time (gear check): 7:30 am
Competition starts: 7.30 am.

If you qualify for the National Tree Climbing Championship, contestants must be a member of NZ Arb, or under a business that is a NZ Arb member. If you are not a current member, a NZ Arb membership application is available on-line at nzarb.org.nz

Gear Check Form

If you are competing, please ensure you have the gear check form ready and completed, it will save us time. Here is where you can find the gear check form

Waiver and Hold-Harmless by Contestant

Upon registration you will be required to read, understand and agree on the following terms and conditions.

In consideration of acceptance of my application for entry as a contestant in the NZ Arb Regional Tree Climbing Competition (TCC), I hereby waive any and all claims I may have at any time, on account of me, or by any person or entity in any way as my subrogates against the International Society of Arboriculture, or the New Zealand Arboricultural Association 32nd Chapter, its officers, directors, employees, agents, members, guests, invitees, and any person who would be lawfully entitled to indemnification from any of them for any liability to, or on behalf of, or on account of or in consequence of my activities or participation in the Regional TCC or in any other way related to the Regional TCC.
I further agree to hold the New Zealand Arboricultural Association, its officers, directors, employees, agents, members, guests, and invitees, safe and harmless from any expense for defence, settlement, payment of damages or other expenses relating in any way to injuries sustained by me in any way related to the Regional TCC.
I recognise and assume all risks and danger involved in my participation, and will not under any circumstances rely upon the care, attention, or assurance of anyone other than myself for matters relating to my safety.
As detailed in the NZ Arb Drug & Alcohol Policy all participants, paid employees and volunteers at NZ Arb competitions, events and workplaces are expected to be fit for event duties or roles and be able to perform safely and acceptably without any limitations due to the use or after-effects of alcohol, illicit drugs, non-prescription drugs, prescribed medications or any other substance.
NZ Arb therefore wants to emphasise that it has zero tolerance for participants, paid employees and volunteers who preform duties or compete under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and/or whose ability is impaired in any way by the consumption of alcohol or drugs, or who consume alcohol or drugs at NZ Arb competitions, events and workplaces (unless alcohol is provided with the permission of NZ Arb).
Breaches of NZ Arb’s drug and alcohol policy can be considered to bring the association into disrepute with immediate suspension from the event.  Further disciplinary actions may be determined by the NZ Arb Executive.



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