Tree Matters

Tree Matters is the official publication of the New Zealand Arboricultural Association (NZ Arb), the key industry organisation that encourages, fosters and educates in all aspects of arboriculture throughout New Zealand.

Tree Matters is the only medium where arboricultural professionals can read about the very latest issues in the management and maintenance of trees in both theory and practice – and in the local context.

Issues that are fundamental to the role of arborists like planting, pruning, structural support, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, insects, or disorders, lightning protection, and tree removal are now vitally relevant and highly topical for professionals working in the broader arboricultural industries. Other information covered includes tree climbing (using ropes, harnesses, and other climbing equipment), health and safety, assessment, legal requirements, and training.

Tree Matters is a unique medium, allowing advertisers a rare opportunity to target all of New Zealand’s arboricultural professionals through their preferred channel and in their own language.

Tree Matters Magazines

The Tree Matters magazine is only available to NZ Arb members.treematters


For advertising information in Tree Matters including options, rates and sizes please view the 2016 Rate Card.


2017 Deadline Dates

The dates for Tree Matters copy and publication are as follows:
Edition 73 – Autumn 29 Feb, 2017 week of 21 March
Edition 74 – Winter 19 May, 2017 week of 20 June
Edition 75 – Spring 15 Sept, 2017 week of 1 October
Edition 76 – Summer 28 Nov, 2017 week of 9 December
Encouraging, fostering, improving and educating in all aspects of arboriculture throughout New Zealand.