2015 - Nelson

The New Zealand Arboricultural Assoc.
National Tree Climbing Championship 2015

Proudly sponsored by Husqvarna New Zealand

Nelson 2015

On 2-3 October New Zealand’s best tree climbers gathered in sunny Nelson for the annual Husqvarna/NZ Arb National Tree Climbing Championship.
Asplundh Belayed Speed Climb
1st Elliot Fitzjohn 20.00 (29.99 secs)
2nd Shane Elder 19.30 (30.67 secs)
3rd Scott Geddes 19.06 (31.87 secs)
4th Craig Wilson 18.39 (33.22 secs)
5th Andy Neverman 17.62 (34.75 secs)
Donaghys Footlock
1st Dale Thomas 20.00 (18.93 secs)
2nd Craig Wilson 18.87 (20.06 secs)
3rd Shaun Hardman 18.85 (20.08 secs)
4th Elliot Fitzjohn 18.72 (20.21 secs)
5th Barton Allen Hall 18.70 (20.23 secs)
Metrogreen Throwline
1st Tumai Leybourne 24
2nd Barton Allen Hall 23
3rd Jason Rees 19
4th Kyle Walker 17
5th  Andy Neverman 13
Silky Saws Aerial Rescue
1st Barton Allen Hall 43.67
2nd Dale Thomas 37.67
3rd Craig Wilson 37.33
4th Any Neverman 36.00
5th Elliot Fitzjohn 35.00
AB Equipment Work Climb
1st Elliot Fitzjohn 63.94
2nd Shaun Hardman 62.44
3rd Barton Allen Hall 61.33
4th Craig Wilson 61.20
5th Tumai Leybourne 60.85
Treescape Men's Masters
1st Dale Thomas 229.20
2nd Tumai Leybourne 217.20
3rd Craig Wilson 210.40
4th Andy Neverman 153.60
Asplundh Belayed Speed Climb
1st Stef White 20.00 (53.98 secs)
2nd Nicky Ward Allen 19.30 (55.21 secs)
3rd Ninette Rowlands 16.84 (60.30 secs)
Donaghys Footlock
1st Nicky Ward Allen 20.00 (21.00 secs)
2nd Stef White 18.87 (26.39 secs)
Metrogreen Throwline
1st Nicky Ward Allen 12
2nd Stef White 9
3rd Elisha Walker 4
Silky Saws Aerial Rescue
1st Stef White 15.33
2nd Nicky Ward Allen 13.33
3rd Chelsea Robertson 10.33

AB Equipment Work Climb
1st Nicky Ward Allen 59.00
2nd Stef White 21.33
3rd Denim Paige Kench 10.33

Asplundh Women's Masters
1st Stef White 17.80
2nd Nicky Ward Allen 15.00


Full men's results 
Full women's results

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