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Gotta be in to win.

Make sure you know the Rules… so you can bend them! The ISA’s ITCC rules apply for all NZ Arb Regional Competitions and the National Championship.

NZ Arb provides a range of tree climbing events, which provide inspiration training and promotion.

These events offer the public a great opportunity to promote see NZ’s top climbing competitors as well as the latest innovations and techniques in the industry.

NZ Arb events are open to anyone to attend, but Members will normally be offered a significantly discounted rate.

The TCC Info section covers:

TCC Registration – register for a TCC event
ITCC Rules – the rules of NZ Arb TCC events
TCC Champions – the NZ Champions and record holders 
TCC Sponsorship sponsorship opportunities


Register for a Competition

To enter in a Tree Climbing competition, please Register for a TCC.



TCC Sponsors

We are incredibly grateful to our Tree Climbing Sponsors for supporting the NZ Arb Association and our Regional and National Tree Climbing events.

Please support them as they support us.

For a full list of our Climbing Sponsors, please see TCC Sponsors.


To contact NZ Arb regarding anything about TCC Events, please use the Event Contact Form.

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