TCC Rules

ISA TCC1-202x300The International Tree Climbing Competition (ITCC) rules are reviewed annually by the Rules Committee of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

If changes are required to make the event safer, follow changes in industry standards, or create a more efficient method of event scoring, those changes are made during the review period which is generally held October through December.


2016 ITCC Rule Book



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ITCC Competition Event Descriptions

Tree climbing competitions simulate working conditions of arborists in the field. Male and female competitors perform five different events during preliminary rounds to qualify for the championship. Each event tests a competitor’s ability to professionally and safely manoeuvre in a tree while performing work-related tree-care tasks in a timely manner.

Preliminary Qualifying Events

Competitors are scored individually in each event-Aerial Rescue, Work Climb, Secured Footlock, Belayed Speed Climb, and Throwline. The competitor with the highest score is the winner of that event. First, second, and third place for men and women are awarded for each event.

Competitors’ total scores for all five events are combined and the male and female competitors with the highest combined score from the preliminary events move on to the Masters’ Challenge Championship.

Masters’ Challenge

The Masters’ Challenge consists of one event and competitors are scored on technique and skill. The competitors in this round with the highest score are named the male and female World Champions.
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