Connections matter.

That’s why we’re connecting you to knowledge, colleagues, best practices, and networks throughout the NZ Arb Community.

The Events Section focuses on events and activities from conferences (locally and overseas), workshops & seminars, and tree climbing events, as well as a few other things.

Continuous learning is the only way to constant success and events keep you in touch with the best people, the best practices, and the latest information.

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Within the Events Section are the following categories:
2017 Annual Conference - The Annual Conference of NZ Arb

2016 Annual Conference - The Annual Conference of NZ Arb

ISA Conference - The Annual Conference of the ISA

Other Conferences - Other Industry Conferences

NZ Arb Conference History - Past Annual Conferences of NZ Arb
Other Events
New Arborist Competition - New Arborist of the Year

Tane Mahuta Public Lecture - Free Arboricultural Presentation

Arbor Day Planting - June 5... Every Year

Workshops & Seminars - Training Events
Tree Climbing Events
Regional TCCs - Regional Tree Climbing Competitions

National TCC - The Husqvarna National Tree Climbing Championship

Other Climbing Events - Other Climbing events e.g. Local TCCs, Arbor Camps, Tree Treks, etc.

Other TCCs - Other major Tree Climbing Events e.g. APTCC and ITCC
Event Info
Event Registration - Register for an Event

Sponsorship - Sponsor an Event

Volunteer - Assist NZ Arb in an Event
Encouraging, fostering, improving and educating in all aspects of arboriculture throughout New Zealand.