Tree Climbing Events

Tree Climbing is where it all starts.

Keen and active arborists take to the trees with a passion and enthusiasm, not just because it’s part of their job, but because they enjoy it. It also gives them the opportunity to compete as, unlike most other industries, arboriculture has thriving competition events that mimic some of an arborist’s usual day-to-day tree climbing work.

The Tree Climbing Events Section focuses on:

New Arborist Competition - the New Arborist of the Year Competition
Regional TCCs – Regional Tree Climbing Competition events
National TCC – the National Tree Climbing Championship
Other TCCs – other Tree Climbing Competitions
Other Climbing Events – like Arbor Camps or Tree Treks

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Tree Climbing competitors need to Register for an Event, but the public is able to watch any TCC for free and, in some cases, allow their kids to try tree climbing in a safe environment.



What is a Tree Climbing Competition?

Tree Climbing contestants will compete in five preliminary events at Regional TCCs to qualify as one of the top contestants to earn the right to advance to the National Championship (NTCC). The preliminary events include Secured Footlock, Belayed Speed Climb, Aerial Rescue, Work Climb and Throwline.

In the NTCC, the top qualifiers compete again in those five events and very best contestants, who have accumulated the highest combined point totals, advance to the elite Masters’ Challenge. The winners of this, both Men and Women, are crowned Champions and earn the right to compete in the world championship International TCC held by the ISA (usually in the USA).


What is an Arbor Camp?

An Arbor Camp is an event where arborists, tree climbers and tree lovers get together to climb trees, have workshops, test new equipment, do tree work (like on an arboretum) and generally talk trees, tree care and tree gear. Throw in a BBQ and a few drinks an it’s the perfect social event.


To contact NZ Arb regarding anything about Tree Climbing Events, please email info@nzarb.org.nz or call 04 472 6330.
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