Events offer an ideal platform for sharing ideas and work practices, or just to socialise.

People want the chance to make connections. This could be anything from learning new techniques and information to meeting like-minded people to share ideas with.

This section focuses on key NZ Arb Events:
We look forward to you participating in any and all of our regular and new events.



Why Attend an Event?

Events are ideal for building and developing relationships, to create stronger working bonds. In fact, networking opportunities and maintaining face-to-face engagement are an important part of relationship building.

Listening to seminar presentations, attending workshops or taking part in other events, all stimulate ideas and give people inspiration, which they can then take back into their day jobs. People attend events because they know that it will give them a fresh perspective. They may find the answer to a problem they’ve been facing or discover a better way or process for doing part of their role.

Events are excellent forums for discussing new ideas. Not only do people have the opportunity to listen to industry experts, they can mull over these concepts with other people who attended the event.

Sometimes people attend events simply because it is an opportunity to get out of the office. Being in a new place and changing your routine, even for just a day, can help to stimulate new thoughts and ideas. The run-up to the event gives people something to look forward to, which is a good motivator. Then, after the event is over, they also have the advantage of all the learning that they took from the event.

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