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The New Zealand Arboricultural Association (NZ Arb) was established in 1989 in response to increasing demand for a national body to represent professional and non-professional people involved in New Zealand tree care and the tree industry. In 1996, NZ Arb joined the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).
The organisation defines its goal as:
To encourage, foster, improve and educate in all aspects of arboriculture throughout New Zealand.

Membership is open to professional arborists and tree managers in private industry and local authorities, scientists, training organisations, students and any individual or group interested in trees.

NZ Arb holds an Annual Conference, with national and international speakers, and is typically held in conjunction with the National Tree Climbing Championship.

The Association also runs many other events such as regional Tree Climbing competitions, technical seminars and workshops, social events and field trips.

The NZ Arb Approved Contractor Scheme is a flagship programme which provides the public and private sectors with the assurance of the very best quality arboricultural practices from accredited contractors in New Zealand.

NZ Arb is also a source for information on arboricultural education and training, amenity tree care advice, and industry news & vacancies.

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Encouraging, fostering, improving and educating in all aspects of arboriculture throughout New Zealand.