NZ Arb committees are organised to achieve the mission of the Association.


Executive Committee

The primary committee is the Executive Committee (EC), which is voted from nominations (or re-elections) at the Annual General Meeting AGM. Typically there are 12 EC members, who run for two-year terms, but are split into two groups of six members elected in alternate years. (i.e. six members are voted in one year, for 2 years, and the following year the other six are voted in for two years).

The Executive Committee meets quarterly each year and oversights the various portfolio sub-committees, work groups and liasions listed below. They also manage the Strategy Plan.



Sub-Committees, Working Groups & Liaisons

NZ Arb has several Sub-Committees, groups and other roles which manage particular areas of the Association’s activities, such as the Education & Training, Conferences, Seminars/Workshops, Tree Climbing, and so forth.

These committees are selected by the Executive Committee to carry out specific tasks. They consist of key representatives in those areas of expertise relevant to the committee/role and their sizes vary accordingly. Some are large committees and meet regularly, while others are smaller and meet less often.

Special individual Liaison Roles are also a key part of the organisational structure of NZ Arb, like the ISA Representative.



In addition to their individual responsibilities and activities each sub-committee, group or liaison should:
  • Review the NZ Arb Committee Orientation Pack (which includes Committee responsibilities and the Strategic Plan) and align/prioritise specific initiatives
  • Schedule regular Committee meetings or conference calls (at least quarterly) to discuss their activities and progress
  • Schedule face-to-face meetings at the NZ Arb Annual Conference/AGM if warranted
  • Provide the Executive Committee with written (and/or in person) reports on committee initiatives/achievements
  • Review activities of other committees and identify areas of collaboration
  • Write brief quarterly summaries during the year related to committee activities for the Association magazine – Tree Matters


NZ Arb is always looking for dedicated volunteers to join our various committees and roles. If you are interested in supporting our work through volunteering, please visit Join a Committee.

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