Executive Officer Duties


Title: President
Reports to: Executive Committee
General Duties: Coordinates all activities of the Chapter
Specific Duties:
  • With the Board’s Approval, selects the site of the Board meetings. Makes the necessary arrangements for the meetings.
  • Coordination of the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • Presides over all meetings.
  • Submits a President’s message to the NZ Arb magazine Editor for each issue.
  • Sets the agenda for each Board meeting. Mails the agenda to all Board members, chairpersons and committee members, one week prior to the meeting.
  • Insures that all Board members, chairpersons and committees perform their duties.
  • At the Annual General Meeting, obtains the correct names, addresses, and phone numbers of all incoming officers, advisors and committee members to print a new mailing list.
  • Appoints standing and ad-hoc committees, as are necessary for the successful operation of the Chapter.
  • Coordinates entertainment, banquet, meals, reception, and such like, for the current Annual General Meeting.
  • Records to keep:
    • Procedures Manual.
    • All correspondence.

Title: Vice-President
Reports to: President and the Executive Committee
General Duties: Assists the President as requested. This position is used as orientation for the future President.
Specific Duties:
  • Assist the President with current year’s Chapter Annual Meeting.
  • Find and retain convention site for the Chapter’s Annual Meeting, two years hence.
  • Assist the President with the Annual Meeting program committee.
  • Coordinate publicity of the Annual Meeting with the Executive Secretary, Executive Committee and Editor.
  • Attends the Annual ISA Leadership Training Seminar at ISA headquarters.
  • Ensures Nominations to be made for the following positions:
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Chapter Representative to the ISA
    • Certification Liaison
    • NTCC Chairperson
  • Manage retail sales and inventory control of ISA and Chapter merchandise.

Title: Treasurer
Reports to: President and the Executive Committee
General Duties: Maintains all fiscal affairs of the Chapter
Specific Duties:
  • Establish an interest bearing cheque account, in a convenient bank, for the fiscal affairs of NZ Arb 32nd chapter.
  • Pay all expenses incurred by the Chapter.
  • Receive (overview) all funds due to the Chapter. Deposit and record all said funds.
  • Coordinate the credit card account with the Administration Manager.
  • Keep an up-to-date chequebook indicating deposits, payments and interest and receipts.
  • Prepare a financial statement prior to each meeting of the Executive Committee. Submit said report for publication in the newsletter.
  • Co-operate with committee chairpersons to assist in necessary financial transactions.
  • Records to keep:
    • All financial correspondence
    • Fiscal Record
  • Prepare all information necessary to file tax requirements and work with the appointed qualified accountant to prepare all tax returns, including forms, and/or filings required by the government.

Title: Secretary
Reports to: President and the Executive Committee
General Duties: Under the direction of the Executive Committee, the secretary shall record all official actions of the Chapter.
Specific Duties:
  • Keep minutes of all actions taken at the meetings of the Executive Committee and the Annual Business Meeting. Sends copies of the minutes to the Board within 14 days following the meetings.
  • Maintains supplies for the Chapter Display Booth and ISA books and journals.
  • Makes a report of noteworthy events of the Annual Meeting and submits it to the Editor for publication.
  • Maintains an accurate file of meeting minutes for the official record of Chapter activities.
  • Writes appropriate letters as directed by the Executive Committee.
  • Sends copies of all correspondence to the President.
  • Records to keep:
    • Procedures manual
    • All correspondence
    • Minutes of the meetings
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