Sub Committees & Work Groups

NZ Arb has the following Executive-appointed sub-committees. The various sub-committees/advisors are charged with presenting quarterly reports to the Executive Committee at the designated Executive meetings.


Conference Committee: Annual Conference (2017)
Chair – Will Melville
Members – Lea Boodee & Nicki van Asch [On-Cue], David James, Brad Cadwallader, Stacy Colyer, Mark Roberts

NZ TCC Committee: New Zealand Tree Climbing Competitions
Chair – David James
Members – Craig Webb (Head Judge); Freddie Hjelm (Head Technician)
Regional Co-ordinators – Craig Webb (Auckland), Andy Harrison (Waikato/BOP), Craig de Denus (Wellington), Toby Chapman (South Island)

ACP Committee: Approved Contractor Programme
Chair – Craig de Denus
Members –  Brad Cadwallader, Jaiden Palmer, Cameron Mitchell, Leon Saxon, Richard Walsh, Toby Chapman.

UA Committee: Utility Arborist development
Chair – Mark Way
Members – David Glenn, Colin Winch, Carol Cairns, Paul Brown, Trevor Gardiner, Bryson Middleton,  Kevin Smith, David James, Steve Milburn, Peleti Tuala-Fata

Tree Matters Committee: The Magazine of NZ Arb (Quarterly)
Editor-in-Chief – Erika Comers

Sponsorship: Sponsorship of the Association, including Tree Climbing Competitions
Chair – Marketing Committee
Members – all Executive Committee members

Marketing: Marketing the Industry and Association
Chair –
Members – Craig de Denus, Mark Roberts, Erika Commers, David Spencer, Craig Taylor, Toby Chapman

Membership: Marketing of the Association
Chair – David James
Members – Craig de Denus, Erika Commers, David Spencer, Lea Boodee [On-Cue]

Safety, Education and Training (SET) Committee:
Chair - To be appointed
Members - Jaiden Palmer, David James, Mark Roberts, Craig Taylor

Note 1: The NZ Arb President (Will Melville) is a member of all committees


To contact any sub-committee, please use the Sub-Committee Contact Form.

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