NZ Arb welcomes new members at any time, and we have a number of different membership categories that reflect our diverse membership. Being a member of NZ Arb gives you full access to the resources in the Members’ Section of this website (with the exception of the Inactive Member category). Members are also able to attend national and regional events at a discounted rate, which encourage sharing of knowledge and professional development.

Members are required to follow the Code of Conduct as set out in the NZ Arb Constitution. 


Membership Types

NZ Arb offers a variety of membership types. For the membership level that’s right for you or your organisation, review the levels below.
Approved Contractor Member
An Approved Contractor Member is an arboricultural contracting business that has met, and maintains, a minimum standard of professional knowledge and practical ability, with a certain level of client service – as required by the specifications in the Approved Contractor Scheme Approval Guide.

The Association is only permitted to recommend members to the public who are accredited Approved Contractors.

To learn more about becoming a NZ Arb Approved Contractor, please visit Approved Contractor Programme.

To find an Approved Contractor, please visit Approved Contractors.

Sustaining Member
A Sustaining Member is typically one of the following organisations - an industry business, a local/regional authority, a government agency or a tertiary institution.

Together with Individual Members they comprise the bulk of NZ Arb's membership.

To join as a Sustaining Member, please visit Join NZ Arb.

Individual Member
An Individual Member is typically a professional or qualified arborist who holds individual membership with NZ Arb.

Together with Sustaining Members they comprise the bulk of NZ Arb's membership.

To join as a Individual Member, please visit Join NZ Arb.

Student Member
A Student Member is a individual enrolled in a full-time accredited course in arboriculture. This membership category offer the benefits of a full member at a significantly discounted rate.

To join as a Student Member, please visit Join NZ Arb.

Inactive Member
An Inactive Member is a person or entity that is not directly involved in any form of commercial arboricultural tree work or consultancy practices.

They are typically one of the following types of organisations or indiviudals - arboricultural wholesale/retail suppliers, retired arborists or people from related industries.

To join NZ Arb as an Inactive Member, please visit Join NZ Arb.
Joint NZ Arb / ISA Member
An Individual or Student Member is able to join both NZ Arb and the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) with a single membership fee.

To join as a Joint NZ Arb / ISA Member, please visit Join NZ Arb.

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