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NZ Arb form Worksafe Conduit

Written by NZ Arb Advisory Group on March 6th, 2015.      0 comments

NZ Arb and Worksafe are working together to create a more robust conduit between the two parties delivering on a unified message for the industry and inspectors. This will now involve having a direct point of contact for the industry within Worksafe to help with consistent standards between all inspectors.  
NZ Arb and Worksafe have agreed on a process to help with this and support specific arboricultural enquires. General advice / enquires / complaints should still in the first instance be directed to the Worksafe call centre and specific arboricultural enquires to Vadim Spice.
For general advice / enquires / complaints call the Worksafe call centre - 0800 030 040, any specific arboricultural enquires email Vadim Spice - vadim.spice@worksafe.govt.nz
This initiate is in its infancy and the contacts need to be respected to help progress this to a solid relationship between NZ Arb and Worksafe.

General advice / enquires / complaints – Call centre 0800 030 040
Specific Arboricultural enquires – Vadim Spice vadim.spice@worksafe.govt.nz


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