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Tall order pruning tools that take the hunch out of the crunch

Written by Rachel Alexander on March 30th, 2015.      0 comments

When working on medium trees that aren’t solid enough to warrant carabineer and harness or the effort of organising a scissor lift, there are two tools I find invaluable: loppers with extendable pole handles and long handled loppers with a double action pulley to take the grunt out of the crunch. 

loppersJameson, Corona and Wolf Garten make a professional grade extendable pole with pull string to operate the blades - great for things like spiky Gledytsias so you can avoid getting pricked by giant thorns, attacking out of reach climbers like wisteria or roses heading up into a cabbage tree, or clipping dead branches out of reach from the ground on ancient cherries and maples.  Resting the pole on other branches makes balancing easier given the tool is a little top heavy.  The Jameson version comes with a handy hook near the blades.  I use the Wolf Garten version at home but Jameson loppers are a more robust solution for arborists.  Jameson tools also have saws to go on top of the poles but a handy feature is that they also offer fibreglass poles filled with foam so they don’t get moisture in them, for use next to power lines.

OK I’m a chick. Long handled double action pulley loppers seem to halve the effort required to chop branches. I hate having to hunch for the crunch and although my upper body muscles were once world-class athlete status when I was a competitive hang glider pilot, that is two decades ago (aaargh).  I use the loppers with double action pulley when a branch looks too thick for standard loppers and I could switch to a saw but want an instant solution.  The disadvantage compared to non-action pulley shorter loppers is that they are not as light, so not ideal for stretching in to clip vertical sprouts in the centre of weeping pears.  But the steel is higher quality, and I enjoy the class of the smoother action.  It’s a bit like the nice clunk closing the door of a Mercedes coupe compared to the same on a ten-year-old tinny Jap import.

Metrogreen.co.nz are agents for a wide range of garden tool brands including ARS and Samurai saws, secateurs and specialist arborist lines not available from mainstream tool outlets. I find Paul and Ken always helpful and knowledgeable. You might have come across them when they were Arbogreen.  Metrogreen is their ecommerce brand.  Order online and they deliver to your door – yes even the awkward extendable pole loppers arrived nicely packed!

By Rachel Alexander

MetroGreen formerly known as Arborgreen NZ is an established landscaping supply company in New Zealand with over 20 years’ experience in the core business of equipment for professional arborists, landscapers and local bodies


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