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Top 3 tools arborists drool over

Written by NZ Arb on October 29th, 2014.      0 comments

Saw0-160I was talking to Ken from Metrogreen the other day (formerly Arborgreen), a New Zealand-based wholesaler of professional landscaper and arborist tools. I asked him what the three most desirable tools are for arborists that they’d like to have on their Christmas wishlist. Ken reckons most arborists would salivate over these:



Pruning saws

Saw-127Every arborist has at least one pruning saw. Typically they’ll have one of each type, Ken says. Firstly there’s a large curved saw for big branches when it’s a dangerous position to use a chainsaw.

The bee’s knees of large pruning saws is the ARS Professional turbocut arborist saw. ARS is the preferred brand by arborists, being a professionals’ brand rather than for domestic gardeners. “You’ll pay more, but they come with a higher quality steel and finish,” Ken says.

Next, for middle-sized branches, among straight saws Ken rates the Silky Gomtaro, a top-end Japanese brand. The Gomtaro is compact, efficient and fast cutting saw while being light and very strong. It’s a well designed and balanced saw with a 1mm thick blade.

For a smaller option for smaller branches, the ARS professional sheath arborist saw CT32PRO is a handy go-to tool.


Climbing Harnesses

Harness-576If you’ve got to hang about for more than a short stint, there’s no denying the value in a decent climbing harness. The best one according to Ken is the Camp Tree Access Arborist Harness. Despite its simple name, compared to cheaper ones it’s the latest generation in design. It can be used with a chest module which goes over your shoulders – good when you’re winched in. Most importantly though is that it comes with padding on leg loops and all around. The leg loops are well positioned not to give you wedgies! Thumbs up all around…


Carabiners and pulleys

Carabiner-918Next on an arborist’s wishlist has to be a few gadgets from DMM tools – a Welsh brand of carabiners and pulleys that arborists “go gaga over”. They’re well finished, strong, robust, and well designed with good ergonomics on the catches. The designs fit into your hand easily.

So Santa looks like he’s got his work cut out for him doing the courier run from Metrogreen’s Timaru warehouse to arborists around the country. Why wait for December 25th? My partner has just splashed out on a state-of-the-art $22,000 ride-on lawnmower with grass catcher (and that was second-hand!). My Wolf Garten pole loppers just arrived. What is on your wishlist?

By Rachel Alexander



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