Good Practice Guide

Below is a link to the Good Practice Guide for Safety Requirements in New Zealand Arboricultural Operations - the GPG. The GPG is a ‘living’ document designed to reflect current workplace practices and techniques, it is reviewed annually and we encourage submissions and user feedback.

In 2015 the Best Practice Guideline became a ‘Good Practice Guide’ at the request of WorkSafe New Zealand. By defining a practice as ‘the best practice’ WorkSafe felt that it did not encourage developments in systems or technology that introduce new and safer ways of working. The New Zealand Arboricultural Association support the change from ‘Best’ to ‘Good’ and urge uses of this document to always look for safer ways of working.


The NZ Arb Good Practice Guide (GPG) is a ‘living’ document which is open for submissions at any time to ensure an up-to-date document for use in the arboriculture industry.

However, in 2012, the new Approved Code of Practice for Safety and Health in Arboriculture (November 2012) was finally released and is available from the Department of Labour. To download the new ACOP (2012), please go to the ACOP web page.

Good Practice Guideline (GPG) for Arboriculture

View and download the latest version of the Good Practice Guidelines Safety Requirements for New Zealand Arboricultural Operations.

This version and all subsequent versions will be reviewed annually, your comments and submissions are welcome.


It is intended that this Good Practice Guide remains a living document and is reviewed and updated annually.

If you would like to make a submission or comment about the content of this document, or you would like to suggest additional safe working practice for Safety and Health in Tree Work please complete the submission form or email info@nzarb.org.nz
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