Chrissy Spence - Arborist and Champion

The entire world opened up for arborist Chrissy Spence after she entered the local tree climbing competition.

“One competition just led into another. And then I won the New Zealand comp in 2003, and then they said, “Oh, you can go to the worlds now,” [the International Tree Climbing Championship] and I was just like, “What?”

“It was really cool. All these people I’d seen in magazines, I was shaking hands with them and getting photos with them.”

Chrissy came second at her first worlds and won at her second. Then won again two years later. Besides winning many medals, she’s met a community of supportive people and got jobs in Germany and Australia. She’s still surprised at how her career has turned out.

“I went from being a little Gisborne girl, who thought she’d never leave home, to knowing people in most countries.”


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