Regional TCCs

Regional Tree Climbing Competitions (RTCCs) provide the backbone of the New Zealand Climbing program (and of the ISA) and consists of four local area events (Auckland, Waikato-BOP, Wellington and South Island).

The top qualifiers from each region compete at the National Tree Climbing Championship (NTCC) often held in conjunction with the Annual Conference. The winners of the national event, both female and male, represent New Zealand at the International Tree Climbing Championship (ITCC) World Championship.

ISA Chapters and Associate Organisations all over the world hold tree climbing competitions and the respective male and female winners of these events are then invited to represent their organisation at the International Championship.

Regional Tree Climbing Competitions

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Other Tree Climbing events

Throughout New Zealand various Tree Climbing or similar organisations hold smaller local events, such as Local TCCs, Arbor Camps and Tree Treks.

For more information on other climbing activities, please visit Other Climbing Events.



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