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NZ Arb, in conjunction with Husqvarna, is pleased to present the...

2018 South Island Regional Tree Climbing Competition

29th & 30th September 2018, Christchurch



This year registrations will close one week prior to the competition.  

The event will be held in the Botanical gardens at the front of Ilex Café.

There is a parking area at the botanical gardens with the access off Park Terrace.
I would recommend trying to be at the venue at 6.30 in order to give yourselves time to park and get there in time for gear check.

Friday 28th September:
Gear check between 3pm and 5pm onsite

Saturday 29th September:

7am onsite
If you are unable to have your gear checked on the Friday, please ensure you are onsite with your gear ready to be checked by 7am Saturday. If you arrive late you may miss out on the walkthrough
Also to help the gear check run smoothly could you all please do your best to fill out your gear forms which you should have received when you registered. If you do not have these please visit the following link:


Please also ensure that:
Your handsaw is taped
Your helmet has a purchase date written in it
All knots are correctly tied with a minimum of a 2 finger tail
All climbing lines have stopper knots at the end
All Karabiners lock safely and are not sticky
Harnesses do not have any frayed areas particularly on the leg loops and bridge
You have a pair of safety glasses.

Sunday 30th September:
8.30am Arboricultural talk covering a variety of topics hosted by Toby Chapman and Mark Roberts (this will take place outside of the Ilex café)

8.30am Masters competitors onsite with gear ready.

Team readouts and walk through will begin at 8-8.30am.

Competition begins:
The competition events will begin immediately after the walkthrough (8.30am)

The Ilex café will be open throughout the day for food and coffees. Other food venues are within walking distance in the CBD.

As mentioned earlier parking at the venue is available off Park Terrace

There are toilets onsite within the garden area.

If anybody has any further questions please don’t hesitate to email tobychapman@hotmail.co.nz



NZ Arb wishes to thank all the competitors for participating in the NZ Arb / Husqvarna South Island Tree Climbing Competition.
Top 5 standings were…
1.            Tiago Miranda - 153.79
2.            Sam James - 140.24
3.            Noel Galloway - 130.92
4.            Dan Bares - 130.29
5.            Dominik Ritter - 121.06
Individual event winners were…
Men's Silky Aerial Rescue
Position Name Score
1st Noel Galloway 44.00
2nd Mat Palmer 43.00
3rd Sam James 40.33
Men's AB Equipment Speed Climb
Position Name Time (Secs)
1st Sam James 28.85
2nd Chas Kent 34.69
3rd Seb Bainbridge 35.67
Men's Donaghys Footlock
Position Name Time (Secs)
1st Tiago Miranda 20.63
2nd Sam James 20.71
3rd Noel Galloway 21.33
Men's MetroGreenThrowline
Position Name Score
1st Tiago Miranda 25.00
2nd Devon Leggett 21.00
3rd Mat Palmer 20.00
Men's KASK Workclimb
Position Name Score
1st Tiago Miranda 65.67
2nd Dan Bares 60.06
3rd Luke Lowes 57.06
Top 5 standings were…
1.            Stef White - 139.20
2.            Steph Dryfhaut - 71.00
3.            Libby Johnston - 36.24
4.            Sami Baker - 33.33
5.            Johanna Fritz - 26.97
Individual event winners were…
Women's Silky Aerial Rescue
Position Name Score
1st Stef White 39.00
2nd Steph Dryfhaut 19.00
3rd Sami Baker 8.33
Women's AB Equipment Speed Climb
Position Name Time (Secs)
1st Steph Dryfhaut 72.49
2nd Libby Johnston 90.68
3rd Stef White 94.75
Women's Donaghys Footlock
Position Name Time (Secs)
1st Stef White 43.43
2nd N/A N/A
3rd N/A N/A
Women's MetroGreen Throwline
Position Name Score
1st Sami Baker 10.00
2nd Stef White 7.00
3rd Steph Dryfhaut 4.00
Women's KASK Workclimb
Position Name Score
1st Stef White 64.33
2nd Steph Dryfhaut 28.00
3rd Libby Johnston 15.33

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