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New Zealand's international Tree Climbing record is something to be truly proud about. The foundation of this strong level of achievement is borne out of a enthusiastic and supportive local tree climbing community and a high-quality base of top climbers at regional and national level.

New Zealand climber's have been to the very top of the Tree Climbing 'ladder' and have had regualr champions in Men's and Women's International competitions in recent times.

NZ Arb is very proud to have both the Male and Female World Champions of 2013 in Scott Forrest and Nicky Ward-Allen.


Above: Scott Forrest (right) and Nicky Ward-Allen (centre) with James Kilpatrick, as the kiwi contiginent of climbers at the 2013 ITCC in Toronto. Scott and Nicky repeat the heroics of 2011 and win both the Men’s and Women’s World Titles.

Two other NZ climbers have also been world Champions - the amazing Chrissy Spence (3 World titles - 2005, 2007 & 2011) and Elena O'Neill (2006) - showing that the women climbers in NZ are easily the best in the world.


NZ Honour Boards

The following lists National Champion, as well as NZ climber placings at both the ITCC and APTCC.

NZ Champions and International Events Record
NTCC Champions - A list of New Zealand National Championship winners

ITCC Placings - A list of NZ climbers placings at the ITCC

APTCC Placings - A list of NZ climbers placings at the APTCC

Other Records

NZ climbers also hold (or held) the world records for the ITCC Footlock Cimb in both the Men's and Women's events.
ITCC Men’s Footlock World Record ITCC Women’s Footlock World Record*
15 metres 12 metres
James Kilpatrick Nicky Ward Allen
World Record Time: 13.65 World Record Time: 13.26
(Set at 2011 APTCC, Singapore) (Set at 2010 ITCC, Chicago)

* No longer competed for as it has been surpassed by the new 15 metre world record - held by Jamilee Kempton (USA).

The following lists key national and international records.
All New Zealand climbers unless otherwise noted.
NZ National TCC Titles - Male
Most National Titles

4 Titles: Tony Wilson

3 Titles: Paul Wynen, Andrew Harrison, Scott Forrest, James Kilpatrick

Most Consecutive National Titles

3 Titles: Paul Wynen, Andrew Harrison, Tony Wilson, Scott Forrest, James Kilpatrick
NZ National TCC Titles - Female
Most National Titles

6 Titles: Chrissy Spence

5 Titles: Nicky Ward-Allen

Most Consecutive National Titles

4 Titles: Nicky Ward-Allen

3 Titles: Chrissy Spence
International TCC Titles - Male
Most International Titles

9 Titles: Bernd Strasser (Germany)

3 Titles: Ken Palmer (USA), Mark Chisholm (USA), Scott Forrest (NZ)

2 Titles: Sam Noonan (USA), Bob Hunter (USA), Bob Weber (USA)

Most Consecutive International Titles

3 Titles: Bernd Strasser (Germany)

2 Titles: Sam Noonan (USA), Bob Hunter (USA), Scott Forrest (NZ)
International TCC Titles - Female
Most International Titles

3 Titles: Chrissy Spence (NZ), Josephine Hedger (UK)

Most Consecutive International Titles

No consecutive ITCC titles held
Asia-Pacific TCC Titles - Male
Most APTCC Titles

3 Titles: James Kilpatrick

2 Titles: Scott Forrest

Most Consecutive APTCC Titles

3 Titles: James Kilpatrick

2 Titles: Scott Forrest
Asia-Pacific TCC Titles - Female
Most APTCC Titles

4 Titles: Chrissy Spence

1 Title: Nicky Ward-Allen

Most Consecutive APTCC Titles

3 Titles: Chrissy Spence

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