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NZ Arb Annual General Meeting

9 November 2020
Queenstown Memorial Centre

1 Memorial Street, Queenstown

9 Nov 2020



1) Welcome and intro 

2) Apologies 

3) 2019-20 Highlights & the next 12 months 

4) President's Report 

5) Treasurer's Report     

    5.1) 2019-20 Statement of accounts       

    5.2) 2021-2022 Budget 

6) Minutes of 2019 AGM     

    6.1) Approval of Minutes     

    6.2) Matters arising 

7) Election of Executive Committee 

8) Proposed Membership Restructure

9) General Business     

10) General Discussion

The New Zealand Arboricultural Association Inc. has issued a 'Call for Nominations' for 2021-22 Executive Committee members.  New (and re-standing) members of the Executive Committee, will be voted from nominations (or re-elections) at the Annual General Meeting AGM (Mon 9 Nov, 5:00pm, Queenstown Memorial Centre).  

All nominations should be sent to NZ Arb, by post or email: 

The Administration Officer (Executive Committee nomination) 

NZ Arboricultural Association 

PO Box 1193, Nelson, 7040 

New Zealand 


Nominations close 3:00pm on Monday 9 November 2020.  

Information about the current Executive Committee and its function is available on the NZ Arb website.   


New Zealand Arboricultural Association​ Inc. (NZ Arb)

10 Church Street, Nelson, New Zealand 7040

PO Box 1193

04 472 6330

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