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Lynne Boddy (Cardiff University) presents Fungi in the Lives of Trees Workshop

19 November 2019
Wellington Botanic Garden Treehouse Visi

101 Glenmore St, Kelburn, Wellington 6012, New Zealand


Fungi in the Lives of Trees, sponsored by Arborlab

Lynne Boddy (Cardiff University UK)

This workshop is aimed at anyone who is interested in trees or fungi. Trees cannot exist in the natural environment without fungi, and their interactions are the underlying theme running throughout the workshop. This includes the essential mutualistic partnerships formed between fungi and the roots of trees, endophytic fungi living inconspicuously within all tree tissues, the fungi that break down dead tree tissues, recycling the nutrients within them and making them available for further tree growth. The workshop will consider wood decay, colonization of wounds in standing trees, heart-rot, and the importance of mature forests and individual veteran trees for biodiversity. Our world is changing, and some of the ways in which this affects trees and their associated fungi will be considered, along with some aspects of management and needs for conservation of species and habitat. The workshop will include indoor (and hopefully outdoor talks) and will be copiously illustrated in powerpoint presentation, with video clips and hopefully live material. There will be plenty of time for discussion, and active participation is encouraged.

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