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Sempervirens Trust

helping the children of those who have helped our industry

The Sempervirens Trust has been established by NZ Arb for the benefit of children. The Trust exists to provide for the maintenance and/or advancement of any child who’s parent who has died or has suffered permanent injury affecting their ongoing ability to work.


The name sempervirens means ‘evergreen’ or ‘everlasting’ in Latin. The intent of the trust is to provide children with opportunities that may have been taken away from them through the loss or disablement of their parent. These opportunities include the advancement of education, or charitable purposes that may enrich the child’s life.



A ‘child’ is defined for this purpose as a person who has not yet reached the age of 19 (nineteen years) of age. 


A ‘child’ where that term is defined in relation to a parent includes an adopted child and/or any child that the Trustees are satisfied is a step-child of the parent.


In order for any child to benefit, he or she must meet one or more of the following criteria:


That he or she is a child of a person

(i)   who the Trustees consider has made a contribution to arboriculture in New Zealand, and

(ii)  who has since died;




That he or she is a child of a person

(i)   who the Trustees consider has made a contribution to arboriculture in New Zealand, and

(ii)  who the Trustees consider has suffered hardship affecting his or her ongoing ability to work;


That he or she is a child of any other person

(i)   who the Trustees consider has sufficient association with arboriculture, and

(ii)  whose children the Trustees consider ought to benefit.



Applications for financial assistance from the trust can be made at any time. The application must include the name of the child, the name of the injured or deceased person, the relationship that the injured or deceased person has to the child, the name of the applicant and the relationship that the applicant has to the injured or deceased person. The applicant must also include the type of activity that the request is for.


The trustees will consider the application in terms of the available funds in the trust at the time, with assistance limited to $1,500 per application.

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