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The Executive Committee (EC) is NZ Arb's primary committee, which is voted from nominations (or re-elections) at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Typically there are 12 EC members, who run for two-year terms but are split into two groups of six members elected in alternate years (i.e. six members are voted in one year, for 2 years, and the following year the other six are voted in for two years). The EC meets quarterly each year and oversights the various portfolio of sub-committees, work groups and liaisons listed on the Sub-Committees & Liaisons page. They also manage the NZ Arb Strategy Plan.

NZ Arb Board

Board Meetings

The NZ Arb Executive Meeting usually meets four times per year.


If you wish to make a submission to the executive committee please click on the contact link below.

NZ Arb would like to thank the following organisations for supporting the Association by allowing their employees the time and resources to serve on the NZ Arb Board:

  • Auckland Council

  • Christchurch City Council

  • Arb Innovations

  • Tend Trees Ltd

  • GreenCycle

  • Paper Street Tree Company

  • All About Trees

  • Auckland Tree Services

  • Treetech Christchurch

  • Invercargill City Council

  • Fulton Hogan Christchurch

  • Tauranga City Council

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