Tree Matters

 The Industry Magazine Publication of the New Zealand Arboricultural Association (NZ Arb)


Tree Matters is the only publication where arboricultural professionals can read about the very latest issues in the management and maintenance of trees in both theory and practice – and in a local New Zealand context. 
Issues that are fundamental to the role of arborists like planting, pruning, structural support, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, insects, or disorders, lightning protection, and tree removal are now vitally relevant and highly topical for professionals working in the broader arboricultural industries.
Other information covered includes tree climbing (using ropes, harnesses, and other climbing equipment), health and safety, assessment, legal requirements, and training.


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Edition 77
Autumn 2018
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Edition 78
Winter 2018


NZ Arb seeks contributions Tree Matters magazine on an ongoing basis. If you have some epic tree tales, stories of innovation, education and research pieces, equipment updates, anecdotes, alerts, experiences, and photos Tree Matters needs you.

Contributor/Content Deadlines:

  • 24 January, Tree Matters Summer Content Deadline

  • 20 March, Tree Matters Autumn Content Deadline

  • 22 May, Tree Matters Winter Content Deadline

  • 7 August, Tree Matters Spring Content Deadline

In order to assist with formatting please ensure:

  • Send text in a Word document attachment

  • Photographs and JPEGS attached separately (as opposed to the main body of any text)

  • Where possible send multiple images to allow designers to choose best fit for page layout

  • Photographs should be a suitable file size for print publication (large files can be shared using a Dropbox link or Wetransfer)

  • Photo credits and captions are supplied wherever possible


Send material for editorial consideration to


Tree Matters is free to all NZ Arb members, delivered to your mailbox on a quarterly basis. Limited subscriptions are available to affiliate organisations at $17.25 plus GST and postage every issue.


For advertisers Tree Matters provides a unique and cost-effective opportunity to target New Zealand arboricultural professionals inside their own community.

Booking and Artwork Deadlines:

  • 24 January, Tree Matters Summer Booking Deadline

  • 31 January, Tree Matters Summer Artwork Deadline

  • 20 March, Tree Matters Autumn Booking Deadline

  • 27 March, Tree Matters Autumn Artwork Deadline

  • 22 May, Tree Matters Winter Booking Deadline

  • 29 May, Tree Matters Winter Artwork Deadline

  • 7 August, Tree Matters Spring Booking Deadline

  • 14 August, Tree Matters Spring Artwork Deadline