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About Us

"To Encourage, Foster, Improve and Educate in all aspects of arboriculture throughout New Zealand."

The New Zealand Arboricultural Association (NZ Arb) was established in 1989 in response to the increasing demand for a national body to represent professional and non-professional people involved in New Zealand tree care and the tree industry.

In 1996, NZ Arb joined the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).


NZ Arb intends to be the foremost professional organisation for arborists in New Zealand, by being the primary authority for arboriculture and the leading source for arboricultural information for arborists, governing bodies, and the general public.

These are as follows:
  • to set acceptable standards for the industry

  • to assist and promote education

  • to encourage tree planting, protection and preservation

  • to circulate information on arboriculture

  • to approve Arborists working to acceptable standards


The Mission of NZ Arb is to encourage, foster, improve and educate in all aspects of arboriculture throughout New Zealand

In addition, the NZ Arb Association is proud to advance the mission of the ISA

Through research, technology and education, promote the professional practice of arboriculture and foster a greater public awareness of the benefits of trees.


Since the New Zealand Arboricultural Association was first established within the Royal NZ Institute of Horticulture (RNZIH) it has gone through many changes and milestones. A timeline of the Associations history including past presidents can be found by clicking this button.


NZ Arb has been able to form relationships with like-minded organisations and associations throughout both New Zealand and internationally.  

NZ Arb is always looking for more partners who share their passion for the promotion of better tree care and increased awareness of the vast number of benefits that they provide. If you feel this is you please get in touch.

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Sponsorship & Advertising

We encourage you to become a sponsor of NZ Arb

Our sponsors are the vital life-blood of our organisation;

without their dedication and loyalty, we would not be able to provide the services that are so important to the amenity tree care sector.

We love working with other organisations to help us achieve our goals and contribute to theirs.

Trees are living, dynamic organisms that need appropriate management and care to ensure their safety, longevity and continued contribution to the landscape.

For Arborists in New Zealand to continue to improve in the management and care for amenity trees requires your support.

The Executive Committee is made up of 12 elected members and meets on a quarterly basis. The Executive Committee meets quarterly each year and oversights the various portfolio of sub-committees, work groups and liaisons listed on the Sub-Committees & Liaisons page. They also manage the NZ Arb Strategy Plan. Their role is to provide 

NZARB has a number of sub-committees and working groups which range from the Tree Climbing Committee through to Marketing committees.

The Association is proud of its Awards programme, which is a keenly anticipated event on the NZ Arb calendar.

These awards raise the profile of the arboricultural profession – providing members and NZ Arb an opportunity to celebrate and reward excellence in our industry.

The Awards are presented at the Annual Conference Dinner & Awards Ceremony, which is held in conjunction with the Annual Conference.

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