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Working Groups
& Liaisons 

Working Groups

Working Groups will be established throughout the year to deliver industry projects and outcomes.


If you have an interest in getting involved in an NZ Arb Working Group or are able to support with specific skills, please contact NZ Arb today ( 


Keep an eye on NZ Arb communications also for Working Group vacancies and leadership opportunities as they arise.

Standing Sub-Committees & Working Groups

UA Committee
(Utility Arborist Development)

Chair: Mark Roberts

Exec Rep: Derek Winwood


Colin Winch,

Carol Cairns,

Paul Brown,

Trevor Gardiner,

Bryson Middleton,

Kevin Smith,

Mark Roberts (Roberts Consulting),

Peleti Tuala-Fata,

Jaiden Palmer (Franklin Trees),

Tom Kitson,

Ryan Grant,

James Sokalski,

John Te Amo

Registered Master Arborists NZ Working Group

Lead: Richie Hill (Paper Street Tree Company)

Exec Rep: Richie Hill (Paper Street Tree Company)


Brad Cadwallader (Cadwallader Tree Consultancy),

Clive Barnes (Auckland Council),

Jack Taylor (Vertical Arborists)

Registered Consultants Programme Working Group

Lead: Andrew Benson (The Tree Consultancy Company)

Exec Rep: David Spencer (Tend Trees)


Howell Davies (Auckland Council)

Ask an Arborist Working Group

Lead: Reuben Edwards (Fulton Hogan)

Exec Rep: Reuben Edwards (Fulton Hogan)

Regional Coordinators

Auckland: Leon Saxon

Wellington: Lydia Mihaka

Waikato/BoP: Craig Lamb (Wintec)

South Island: Reuben Edwards (Fulton Hogan)

Sponsorship & Fundraising Committee

Chair: Tim Rillstone

Exec Rep: Tim Rillstone

NZ TCC Committee
(New Zealand Tree Climbing Competitions)

Chair: Craig Webb (Craig Webb Consultant Arborist)

Exec Rep: Craig de Denus (Arb Innovations)

Head Judge: Craig de Denus (Arb Innovations)

Head Tech: Andy Neverman 

Kids Climb: Ben Fentiman


Regional Co-ordinators

Auckland: Dale Thomas 

Waikato/BoP: Craig Lamb (Wintec)

Wellington: Josh Symes (Wellington City Council)

South Island: Raoni Hammer (Delta)


Scott Geddes (Auckland Tree Services),

Howell Davies (Auckland Council)

Conference Working Group

Lead: Mark Roberts (Roberts Consulting)

Exec Rep: Tim Rillstone (All About Trees)


Andrew Benson (The Tree Consultancy Company),

Derek Winwood (Invercargill City Council)

Lea Boodee (OnCue),

Nicki van Asch (OnCue)

Skills Shortage & Career Pathway Working Group

Lead: David Spencer (Tend Trees)

Exec Rep: David Spencer (Tend Trees)


James Isaacs (Tree King),

Kevin Birdsall (Treescape)

Membership Committee

Chair: TBC

Exec Rep: Jak Harris

Marketing Working Group

Lead: TBC

Exec Rep: Seb Bainbridge

Liaisons & Representatives

NZ Arb has the following Executive-appointed Liaisons, Representatives and similar positions.


The various roles below are charged with presenting quarterly reports to the Executive Committee at the Executive meetings.

Standing Liaisons & Representatives

Arbor Day Co-ordinator 
(Arbor Day Planning & Programmes)

Co-ordinator: Mark Roberts (Roberts Consulting)

ISA Certification Certifiers 
International Society of Arboriculture Certified Examinations


David Glenn,

David James (David James Tree Services),

Mark Roberts (Roberts Consulting)

MOU Partners Liaison
(Memorandum of Understanding Development & Maintenance)

Liaison: Howell Davies (Auckland Council)

Website Warden

Liaison: Toby Chapman (Christchurch City Council)

ISA Ethics Committee Representative

Liaison: David Glenn

ACOP Liaison 
(Approved Code of Practice Part 2 Review)

Liaison: David Glenn

ISA COR Chapter Representative
International Society of Arboriculture Council of Representatives

Representative: Richie Hill (Paper Street Tree Company)

NZ NTT Liaison 
(New Zealand Notable Trees Trust Communications)

Liaison: VACANCY

Advocacy – Stop The Chop Support

Liaison: VACANCY

Interested in Joining a Working Group or becoming a Liaison?

Click the button below to enquire about volunteering with NZ Arb.

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