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MIS311 – Stump Grinding (Member Price)

A Minimum Industry Standard for Stump Grinding


This Standard covers the work tasks of preparing, maintaining and using stump grinders, as well as a range of considerations for selection of an appropriate grinder and applicable safety considerations.


About the MIS Series


This book is one in a series of Minimum Industry Standards (MIS) produced by Arboriculture Australia Ltd and the New Zealand Arboricultural Association in consultation with the national arboriculture community in both countries. These industry peer-reviewed documents provide a ‘body of knowledge’ which is shared by practitioners and can be used as the basis for training, dissemination of skills and professional development.

MIS311 – Stump Grinding (Member Price)

  • 1: Introduction to stump grinders

    Types of stump grinders

    • Chainsaw attachment
    • Pedestrian
    • Power Take Off grinders
    • Tow behind
    • Attachment to skid steer machine
    • Self-propelled grinders

    Choosing the correct type of grinder

    Comparison of stump grinder types

    Hiring or buying a grinder



    2: Maintaining and preparing stump grinders

    Performing regular checks

    • Daily checks
    • Weekly checks
    • Monthly checks
    • Three monthly checks
    • Yearly checks

    Sharpening teeth

    • Removing the teeth
    • Fitting the teeth

    Transporting the grinder to the work site

    • Tow-behind grinders
    • Trailers and vehicle towing capacity
    • Towing capacity
    • Loading the grinder onto a trailer
    • Loading auxiliary equipment
    • Transporting the grinder
    • Unloading


    3: Preparing for the job

    Scoping of works or work specifications

    Selecting and preparing equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    • Selecting machine and tools
    • Selecting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    Safe work method statements and risk control

    • Example of risk control measures
    • Completing the JSA
    • Site Hazards
    • Emergency plan

    Work instructions


    4: Grinding out the stump

    Preparing the stump

    Setting up the grinder and rechecking

    Grinding the stump

    Cleaning up

    Recording the outcome of the job


    5: Post operations

    Backfilling stump hole


    Tidying and removing debris

    Cleaning off all tools and equipment

    Biosecurity and the transmission of pathogens

    • Biosecurity measures
    • Clean On / Clean Off procedure

    Performing basic maintenance

    Loading up and securing the grinder for transporting

    Liaising with client

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