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Shelly Davies Writing Workshop

4 November 2022
Venue TBC

Wellington, New Zealand

4 November 2022


How to write emails and documents that people will actually read!

The rules you got taught about “good writing” may well be getting in the way of effective, professional communication and documents. That’s always been true in business, and COVID-19 has driven this home for every sector and industry.

This workshop will cover:

  • Why “It’s always been done this way” just doesn’t cut it, and why we just keep doing it that way.
  • The psychology of reader behaviour – how to be reader-centric.
  • It’s not about you – to get your desired outcomes, you have to write like a reader.
  • How to write reports and emails that are fit for purpose.

Presented by: Shelly Davies,

Price: $90 +GST

Venue: TBC

This workshop will be held after the NZ Arb 2021 Conference. Tickets are not included in the conference registration and must be purchased separately. Spaces are limited - book yours today!

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