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The Executive Committee (EC) is NZ Arb's primary committee, which is voted from nominations (or re-elections) at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Typically there are 12 EC members, who run for two-year terms but are split into two groups of six members elected in alternate years (i.e. six members are voted in one year, for 2 years, and the following year the other six are voted in for two years). The EC meets quarterly each year and oversights the various portfolio of sub-committees, work groups and liaisons listed on the Sub-Committees & Liaisons page. They also manage the NZ Arb Strategy Plan.

NZ Arb Executive Committee Officers

Jaiden Palmer



Franklin Tree Services Ltd,

Managing Director

Joined committee:

Up for re-election:

Howell Davies



Auckland Council,

Senior Urban Forest Advisor

Joined committee2017

Up for re-election: 2021

Craig de Denus



Arb Innovations Ltd,

Project Manager

Joined committee: 

Up for re-election: 

Mark Roberts



Roberts Consulting,

Director / Consultant

Joined committee:

Up for re-election:

NZ Arb Executive Committee Members

Erika Commers


Auckland Council,

Urban Forest specialist

Joined committee2017

Up for re-election: 2021

Lea Boodee



Managing Director

Joined committee: 2015

Up for re-election: Never!

Seb Bainbridge


Custom Treework Ltd

Director & Arborist

Joined committee: 2019

Up for re-election: 2021

David Spencer


Enable Leisure and Culture,

Tree Officer

Joined committee: 2016

Up for re-election: 2020

Will Melville


Wellington City Council,

Council Arborist

Joined committee: 2014

Up for re-election: 2020

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2020 Executive Committee Meetings

The NZ Arb Executive Meeting usually meets four times per year.


2020 Executive Meeting Dates


Meeting 1: Wednesday 22 January 2020, Auckland

Meeting 2: Wednesday 25 March 2020, Online

Meeting 3: Wednesday 20 May 2020, Online

Meeting 4: Wednesday 29 July 2020, Auckland

Meeting 5: Wednesday 9 September 2020, Auckland


If you wish to make a submission to the executive committee please click on the contact link below.

NZ Arb would like to thank the following organisations for supporting the Association through allowing their employees the time and resources to serve on the NZ Arb Executive Committee:


Arb Innovations, Auckland Council, Custom Tree Work Ltd, Enable Leisure and Culture, Franklin Tree Services, Roberts Consulting, Wellington City Council.