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MIS302 – Arborist Ropes (2nd ed.) (Non-Member Price)

A Minimum Industry Standard for Rope Use in Arboriculture


MIS302 covers the fundamentals of rope selection, qualities of ropes and rope use: it is intended to provide a solid foundation of rope knowledge on which practitioners can build.


Users are recommended to consult MIS301 Arborist Knots for more details about knot selection and knot tying. Details of the use of ropes for climbing and rigging operations are contained within the relevant MISs for those work tasks.


About the MIS Series


This book is one in a series of Minimum Industry Standards (MIS) produced by Arboriculture Australia Ltd and the New Zealand Arboricultural Association in consultation with the national arboriculture community in both countries. These industry peer-reviewed documents provide a ‘body of knowledge’ which is shared by practitioners and can be used as the basis for training, dissemination of skills and professional development.

MIS302 – Arborist Ropes (2nd ed.) (Non-Member Price)

  • Ropes for arboriculture

    Rope terminology: parts of a rope

    Rope selection 

    1: Select the right rope for the job in the first place

    • Properties of ropes and rope terminology 
    • Rope standards
    • Rope materials
    • Rope construction types
    • Common arboricultural rope constructions

    Rope inspection

    2: Inspect rope before each use 

    3: Conduct regular documented third-party rope inspections

    • Rope inspection form excerpt
    • Rope inspection checklist
    • Splices in rope
    • Inspecting splices

    Rope use

    • Use rope correctly and observe WLLs

    Rope storage and transportation

    • Clean, store and transport rope carefully and correctly
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